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Can you please do a blurb of Niall being a cute overprotective boyfriend? It would make my day xxx

"But ya sure you’re gonna be okay?" he asked, shoving his hands in his pockets.

"Of course Niall, I’ll be fine." 

"Got your phone? That mace I bought ya? What about a sweater, it looks like it might get chilly later."

"Niall! Jesus, stop being so overprotective, I can take care of myself!"

"Why don’t I drive ya at least?" he said, immediately reaching over to grab his keys off the kitchen counter. I turned my head to look at him as I stood next to him, staring into my compact mirror and finished putting on my lipstick.

"Niall, that’s not necessary, really. Stop worrying!"

"Ya know I don’t like ya goin’ ‘bout town by yourself." he mumbled, fiddling the keys in his hand before throwing them back onto the counter top.

I snapped my compact closed, tossing it into my purse and turned my body to look at him. “Niall, I’m gonna be with other people okay? It’s gonna be fine.”

Stepping up to him, I cupped his cheek and gave him a sweet smile before leaning in to place a soft kiss right at the corner of his lips. I giggled as I pulled away and used my thumb to wipe off the fresh bit of lipstick that now stained his mouth.

"I just don’t want anythin’ bad to happen to my girl." He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me in closer to him. "Ya know how I get." he whispered as he pressed his mouth fully to mine. 

I swung my arms up around his shoulders and kissed him back, hard. Easing back from his lips, I wiped at my mouth, smeared lipstick everywhere and let out a huff.

"Now I’m gonna have to fix this." I complained, pulling my things back out from my bag. "What a mess. I was supposed to leave five minutes ago!"

He walked up behind me and gripped at my waist, resting his chin at my shoulder, nudging his nose in the hair that was laying at my neck.

"Guess you’ll just have to stay home with me then." 

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